SREI Financial LLC is a privately owned business with offices in Denver, Aspen, Steamboat and Maui. The principals are Mike Seguin and Mark Foster. Mr. Seguin resides in Aspen and has worked full time in the real estate investment and loan business since 1998. Mr. Foster resides in Denver and is a practicing real estate attorney since 1980. The primary business is real estate secured loans. Investment opportunities are presented to the company from a network of mortgage brokers and real estate developers. Investment opportunities exist because the borrower has a valuable real estate asset, is making a short term real estate investment, or needs bridge financing pending higher debt to value financing. All loan opportunities are investigated to determine market value and “fire sale” value. Loan amounts are ordinarily determined from the lower of the fire sale value or purchase price of the property.

All loans are secured by a first lien against the real estate and personally guaranteed. The interest rate earned on the loan is paid to the loan participants. SREI Financial makes its fees from loan points paid by the borrower at time of maturity. SREI Financial always participates in each loan with its own investment - if it is good enough for anyone else it is good enough for us.

Each loan is set up as a new limited liability company. Funds are delivered directly to the title company under an instruction letter prohibiting disbursement to the borrower until the title company can insure the loan as a first lien against the property.

Most loan payments are made by the borrower directly to the bank and the account for the particular limited liability company. Checks are then mailed by the bank to each loan participant.

While each loan varies in its particular terms, the following is a common loan term:

References are available upon request.